Prices at gate:
Adults £10.00, Children £8.00, Under 5s free

Adult tickets for age 13+, Children 5-12 years old
Under 5s do not require a ticket
Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult

Amounts paid for admission to the fireworks event are donations to Ascot Round Table,
registered charity no. 1057937 who assist in the running of the event on a voluntary basis.


Please read all of the information here. This information is to ensure you understand the process and what you must bring with you when you arrive at the event.

Failure to follow this information may lead to you being refused entry to the event.

All children must be accompanied by an adult, including those with an adult ticket.

You must bring all your purchased tickets with you to the gate to be scanned and allow entry.
Please note it is not possible to have replacement tickets issued or to order them by telephone.